Essential Dental Care Tips Athletes Should Know

Posted on: May 30, 2019

With countless of hours doing physical activities, it is very common for athletes to experience dental injuries. This is especially true for athletes who practice contact sports. They are always exposed to the risk of injuries including broken bones, muscle sprains and dental fractures. According to a recent report, an average of 13 to 39% of dental injuries comes from sports activities.

Unfortunately, a lot of athletes do not prioritize oral health and only treat it as a secondary element next to muscle strengthening. The truth is – dental health is must be prioritized if you want to improve your overall health, you should not neglect your teeth. Doing so can lead to serious dental issues and health problems.

If you are an athlete and want to keep your chompers strong and healthy, follow our simple tips below:

Clean teeth properly.

One of the most common mistakes people do is to brush improperly. Improper brushing will not thoroughly clean teeth, especially in hard to reach places like the back of the mouth and in between teeth. Practice good oral hygiene by making sure you clean your teeth the right way. Aside from proper brushing, regular flossing is also necessary.

Limit sports drinks.

We know that sports drinks are almost a necessity when you are training but too much of this can do more harm than good. Because of the high sugar content in sports drinks, they can breed bacteria inside the mouth. To keep sugar at bay, stick to energy drinks that have low sugar content. If you constantly drink energy drinks or carbonated drinks, make it a point to thoroughly clean your teeth afterwards.

Protect your teeth.

One of the best ways athletes can protect their teeth is by wearing a mouth guard. Mouth guards are specially constructed to soften the blow of an impact during contact sports, making sure your teeth mouth tissues and tongue will not suffer. Consider mouth guards as your first line of defence. They should be part of your uniform and gear, just like the helmet and pads. Choose high quality custom fitted mouth guards that work effectively and not those cheap ones that can break easily inside your mouth, leaving you defenceless.

Athletes endure so much strain and impact and it is important to keep your whole body, even your oral cavity protected. These simple steps will help you achieve a healthier smile, which can also lead to better performance when you are practicing your sport.