Protect Your Oral Health and Quit Smoking

Posted on: December 31, 2018

Everyone knows that smoking is dangerous to your health. This bad habit is linked to lung and heart diseases and is one of the leading causes of deaths in the US. Over 4,000 toxic chemicals are present in cigarette smoke and this gradually poisons the body. The toxins are so strong that they affect not only the smokers but also those who inhale second-hand smoke.

Aside from the damage smoking causes to the lungs and heart, it also negatively impacts oral health. While less importance is given to oral health compared to the major organs, this is still an essential factor that you should prioritize if you want to take care of your teeth.

While it is still possible to get a nice smile even if you are a smoker, your oral health will be much healthier if you quit smoking cigarettes. Smokers can suffer from the stained teeth, halitosis, cavities and gum disease.

Quitting smoking is not a simple task but with the proper mindset, you can get rid of this bad habit for good. Here are some tips to get you on the right track:

Create a plan.

The first step is to write down or illustrate a plan that will be ideal for you and your schedule. Create something that will always be visible and accessible to you so that you will constantly be reminded of your goals.

Reward yourself.

Whenever you reach a milestone, make it a point to reward yourself with a treat. This can be a material thing that you’ve wanted for a long time. This kind of reward system set up will have you looking forward to surpassing your next milestones, helping you stay on track.

Exercise regularly.

Exercising is one of the most effective ways to get your mind off triggers. Aside from being a great distraction from triggers, exercise also releases happy hormones and will keep your spirits up.

Find your support system.

It is common to face challenges and triggers along the way and while you can fight it on your own, it is much easier when you have a support system to lean on. Tell your closest friends and family members about your goals and tell them you need support. Pick trusted people who you know will be happy to help you. Additionally, stay away from those who can influence you to light up a cigarette again.