Why Water is Good For Your Oral Health

Posted on: May 12, 2019

It is common for people to seek out medicine and special treatments to deal with their health issues. While Western medicine effectively cures ailments, there are also several organic materials that we can use for alternative treatments. One of the most valuable natural potions that we have is water. This all-powerful drink is often underrated but actually has true medicinal effects.

Because our body is 60% water, it makes sense how important water is for our systems to function properly. The body becomes more at risk of sickness when hydration is low. When water is supplied very well, our bodies get to enjoy its benefits.

Aside from providing energy and healthy minerals, water also has numerous positive effects on oral health. Here are some of the things water does to help improve our dental health:

Cheap and easy way to clean teeth.

Swishing water around the mouth is one of the most basic forms of cleaning teeth. When swished inside the mouth, this gently loosens up all leftover food and also dilutes the acidic bacteria that’s trapped inside the mouth. There are commercial products that you can use to relieve your oral cavity of bacteria but water is still the best and it is also calorie free!

Flouride-rich water strengthens teeth.

Water that is rich in fluoride is said to strengthen and even early tooth decay. Not all water, however, contains high fluoride. While all water has a fluoridation, the kind that is able to heal dental issues has an above average fluoride and mineral content. The fluoride is absorbed by the enamel and gradually improves the condition of the teeth, even replenishing the lost calcium in unhealthy teeth.

Treats minor dry mouth problems.

When the oral cavity is not healthy anymore, dry mouth happens. The saliva production is affected by several causes including stress, medications and autoimmune diseases. When this happens, the bad bacteria in the mouth thrives.

Washing the oral cavity with water will instantly relieve the feeling of dryness in the mouth and also clean off the bacteria. There are cases, however, where dry mouth can’t be easily washed off. This can be because of more serious underlying conditions that need to be corrected first.

While water has been proven to help improve dental health issues, this is not enough, especially if serious damage is already present. Aside from proper hydration, it is essential to practice good oral hygiene and to visit your dentist regularly

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